Shoe Organizing Tips and Solutions

Written by Kaycee Hale
January 20th, 2014

Yes, you knew it was coming. You knew that the first post of the year would be about (1) your New Year’s resolution, (2) tips on becoming debt-free or pounds lighter, (3) starting your income tax preparation this month, or (4) getting organized. Gezzz.

Whatta dilemma! Which shall we tackle? Let’s be creative. Let’s get our fashion house in order. Let’s go with the getting organized choice…shoe organization, that is.


We can begin with a purge of our fashionable footwear mistakes. Here are some of my shoe organizing tips. One-by-one, take a pair of shoes out of the closet. Try the pair on. Do they fit? Are they really, really comfortable? Do you wear them at least once a month? Do you still like them?

If any of your answers are “no”, then get rid of them by donating them to a Women’s Shelter, Goodwill, or your place of worship. Remember to get a receipt; file your receipt in your Charitable Contributions file folder for your 2014 income tax records.

Once you’ve completed the task for every pair of shoes in your closet, it’s time to organize them. We can decide to stop “sole searching” for that right pair of shoes. Here are some of the best storage solutions I can find.

StyleCaster. Perrie Samotin has a marvelous suggestion. It’s a vintage China Cabinet. Perrie tells us that there’s no chicer way to showcase our footwear designs or handbags and clutches than by placing them in a china cabinet. What a chic decorator touch which will accent any bedroom décor. Don’t forget to shop your local vintage and thrift stores to find just the right one to complement your interior design theme.

Bed Bath & Beyond. A place for everything, and everything in its place. This over-the-door shoe organizing rack is quick and easy to assemble, and more importantly–no tools are required. It holds up to 36 pairs of shoes or shoe boxes. $29.99.

Kmart. No more hunting for a shoe mate. Use this handy cubbie shoe organizer for each pair. Holds 25 pairs. $49.99.

Target As Seen On TV Under-the-Bed Shoe Organizer. Organize your shoes, and maximize your storage space with this shoe storage unit. It stores 12 pairs and slides conveniently under the bed so that your shoes are out of your way, but close enough to reach easily. $9.99

The I Repair Home website has a really innovative shoe organizing solution. Check this out, and note that it’s also on rolling casters. Now is this one just too fun for words!

Stacks and Stacks Foldable Shoe Box with a View Window. These practical shoe boxes are called view boxes. Their folding style works well because of the easy viewing of their contents. Constructed of sturdy nylon, they’re stackable and attractive looking, making your closet appear neat and tidy. Set of 4–$51.99.

Ready, set, let’s go shoe organizer solutions shopping.


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