Shoe Accessories–Jewelry and Spats

Written by Kaycee Hale
November 16th, 2011

You never have to wear plain shoes again! How about a shoe makeover! Let’s change up that comfortable, broken-in pair of your favorites with a new fashion accessory. Whether that pair is sneakers, athletic shoes, ballet slippers, stilettos, or boots, add an accent to personalize your footwear favorite.

Ah, you could spend all day just touching, feeling, and trying new fashion trends and styles. Jewelry, shoes, purses, scarves, and more. Hum. Well, what if we mixed a couple of those? Like shoes and jewelry. Voila, shoe jewelry. A little research revealed a ton of possibilities: shoe jewels, boot jewelry, shoe bows, crystal shoe clips, sneaker jewelry, shoe ornaments, shoe charms, shoe tags, and shoe spats.

Yes—you read that right! Shoe Spats! But let’s begin with the shoe jewelry sites.

Absolutely Audrey Shoe Clips. Vintage, casual, evening, and bridal shoe clips from $9.99…buttons, buckles, and more. Bejeweled or leather flower shoe clips. Tulle fabric or satin, peacock feathers or enamel, $9.75 and up. And don’t forget to check out the Sale Section.

Hot On My Heels. Want to drape your feet in stiletto swagger. $45 and up. Beads, chains, and cross details, as well as studs and crystals.

Jibbitz. Decorate your Crocs. Women, men, girls, and boys. Over 700 items from $2.49 up. Mythical creatures, careers, music, sports items, flags, flowers, and fashion accessories, etc.

Kickbars. Express your personality. Decorate your sneakers with the real thang! Custom hot rod, midnight, fruity, and princess KickBars. White gold with black diamonds, pink sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. You talk about “kicking it”? WOW!

Shoeworthy. Enhance or embellish your heels with rhinestone ornaments, rosettes, bows, or bracelets. The bridal collection offers gorgeous clips for transforming basic bridal shoes.

Now for the shoe spats for women. FYI: Spats were primarily worn by men in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, they’re frequently part of gangster costumes worn at Halloween. Etsy offers an assortment from Victorian bow spats ($30) to tucked flower spats ($69).

So, no more Plain Jane, right?

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