Legwear, Socks, and Hosiery

Written by Kaycee Hale
December 7th, 2011

Get a leg up as you move fashion forward! The desire to adorn our feet with fabulous footwear design is a passion–true enough. But what happens when we want to cover our feet and wrap our legs in legwear luxury?

This season has brought out some of the most spectacular looks we’ve seen in years. Even though black leggings or tights are a staple in almost every wardrobe, our yearning for colors and patterns has lagged far behind. That is, until now. This fashion season, we shoe-vanistas have finally been met full fashion force by the creativity of hosiery and legwear manufacturers and designers.

The legwear landscape is becoming almost as bold as we shoe-obsessed consumers are. So whether you classify yourself as chic, classic, elegant, or hip, the legwear marketplace has something for everyone of us trendsetting divas.

  • Bootights: Check out this made in the USA “socks + tights” that equals bootights. By Leg Up, these are the only tights made especially for boots. Whether you’re looking for cable knit, argyle, fishnet, or grey flannel pinstripes, there’s something here sure to please.
  • HerLook: Another recommendation is Commando Legwear. Whether you’re looking for fabulous fishnets, sexy stripes, leopard legs, opaque matte tights, big dot sheers, or dazzling diamonds, you’re bound to find something here out of the ordinary.
  • MeMoi: This site has it all. Socks. Leggings. Leg Warmers. Tights and more. They even carry bodywear, and shapewear.
  • Curvaceous Boutique: This is the number one source for trendy and fashionable plus size clothing. Check it out for an array of leggings, including green newspaper, cover girl, writing on the wall, and many more.  Priced from $29.99 up, the size range is 1X-3X.
  • Shoe Buy: Hundreds and hundreds of socks.  Patterns from Nordic strips to bows and ribbons. This site offers trendy and fun legwear for the non-faint-of-sole.

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