Shoes That Own The Night

Written by Kaycee Hale
April 16th, 2014

The footwear designs that are called special occasion shoes, evening shoes, fancy footwear, etc. are the shoes that used to own only the night. But for this fashion design season, they’re being worn for vacations, stay-cations, and other day time events.

 James Sommerfeldt is a fabulous footwear designer choice for a custom-made shoe that will most assuredly rule the night. This one called Rapture from the Sommerfeldt Gallery is $3,000. Lace-up ankle bootie with black lace veil and a hand-carved 6” African blackwood heel. Every Sommerfeldt evening shoe design is handmade in his Chicago studio using traditional cordwaining techniques. Each footwear design takes between 5 and 7 weeks to complete.


Amanda Gregory low springolator. $595. Gold or silver shoe design. So are you asking yourself, what is a springolator?  This is how it’s defined: “Spring-O-Lators are high-heeled shoes that were invented in 1952 by Beth Levine (wife of shoe designer Herbert Levine). They were especially popular in the late 1950’s to the mid-60’s. What made these slip-on mules a “Spring-O-Lator” is a strip of elastic between the toe and heel, which makes this shoe design grip the foot.” 


New York Transit Joyful Hug Wedge Sandal. Get happy with the Joyful Hug wedge footwear design sandal. This adorable shoe from Abella is perfect for the evening, a vacation, a stay-cation, and everything else in between. It has a stretch fabric upper, up-front detailing, a stretch slingback and is only $39.99. DSW.


Benjamin Adams after-five flat at Nordstrom. Dazzling crystals add signature Adams shoe design allure to this versatile evening ballet flat. Champagne in color. $350. 


Giuseppe Zanotti mules.  Saks Fifth Avenue. Patent leather mid-heel, footwear design mules. Glossy patent leather takes on a fashion trend-forward shoe design style with this elegant peep-toe and sexy self-covered 3.25” heel. $595. Also comes in silver.


Ready, set, let’s go evening shoe design shopping.

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