Fashion Font Creator Yvette Yang

Written by Kaycee Hale
November 27th, 2013

Where in the fashion world have we been for the past 6 years that Yvette Yang has escaped our footwear design factoid curiosity? I guess that we’ve mostly been more interested in the actual shoe collections, rather than all of the creative career aspects that could touch our (shoe) soles.

Yvette Yang is the talented Paris-based, Korean designer who created Fashion Fonts, a typeface using bi-annual fashion trends. What a graphically artistic endeavor. For every season since 2007, she’s mesmerized the art, fashion, merchandising, and design worlds by turning the major fashion trends into the alphabet.

Yang has even developed images that spell out some of the season’s most trendsetting styles, like this two-toned shoes depiction.

Yang, also, does collaborative work with fashion clients, as is shown here.

When you review Yang’s site, the first temptation is to Snipit the alphabets to spell out your own name and then use that as a signature somewhere. Oh how fun…

Another idea is to have your Fashion Font initials printed on a decorative pillow, or fashion scarf, or notecards.

And while you’re having all this fun playing with Yang’s brilliant creation, don’t forget to check out her selections as the best shoe trends of the season.

You’ve simply got to…Ready, set, check out Yvette Yang.

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