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Classic Footwear—The Little Black Bargain Shoe

Written by Kaycee Hale
March 19th, 2014

Oh m’goodness, m’gracious. The LBD/Little Black Dress. It’s always in style. The LBD has been a fashion classic for eons. The LBD is simply a design of beauty in its style, sophistication, and timelessness. This season, the LBD is accompanied by its sister wardrobe accessory. It’s called the LBS/Little Black Shoe.   Everybody knows that [...]

Boots and Booties for Big Girls

Written by Kaycee Hale
March 17th, 2014

I recently received an email from one of my “big and beautiful” shoe shopping readers. Ah shucks; it was a complaint about one of my recent shoe design posts about footwear-related, knee high boots and foot-hugging short booties. This footwear fanatic was diplomatically polite in her first paragraph. And then — … oh my shoe-blogging goodness! [...]

Party, Party, Party in Special Occasion Shoes

Written by Kaycee Hale
December 20th, 2013

Special occasion shoes, holiday hairstyles and make-up, plus party dresses. Yippee. ‘Tis the season to look the part of the perfectly fashionable, trendsetting princess or queen. The new shoe designs for looking your best are so numerous we might not have to sip the adult-beverage eggnog. We can just go shoe shopping. How best to [...]

Hot Summer Shoe Trends

Written by Kaycee Hale
August 12th, 2013

Hot footwear fun in the summertime. Shoe trends that sizzle and heel heights to try. Shoes designed much more for fashion than for function. What’s a gal to do? I say–let’s do some more shoe shopping. Let’s explore more of the summer footwear design trends that tempt us at every shoe department display. TREND–Gladiator-Inspired: The [...]

24 Carat Gold Shoes

Written by Kaycee Hale
June 24th, 2013

Okey dokey–now I may have reached the stratosphere of shoe shopping envy beyond my belief. Footwear design has just entered a fantasy realm that even I have a wee bit of difficulty comprehending. Fashion-forward shoes have moved beyond form, way past function, and into the universe of black AmEx only. Have you seen the first pair [...]