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Classic Footwear—The Little Black Bargain Shoe

Written by Kaycee Hale
March 19th, 2014

Oh m’goodness, m’gracious. The LBD/Little Black Dress. It’s always in style. The LBD has been a fashion classic for eons. The LBD is simply a design of beauty in its style, sophistication, and timelessness. This season, the LBD is accompanied by its sister wardrobe accessory. It’s called the LBS/Little Black Shoe.   Everybody knows that [...]

Foldable Footwear

Written by Kaycee Hale
October 21st, 2013

Shoe design just keeps getting better, more practical, and budget-friendly each and every fashion-forward season. Remember several years ago when the ubiquitous holiday gift rage was to give or get a pair of soft black foldable shoes? We all loved, loved, loved those flat little ballet slippers we could shove into our handbags and shopping [...]

5 Spring Shoe Trends Under $50

Written by Kaycee Hale
April 22nd, 2013

Wondering where to find the best Spring shoe trends for under $50? Well–it’s time to satisfy your curiosity, and get a jump on the hottest bargain shoe styles this fabulous footwear season. I’ve located 5 of the top shoe trends that will most definitely put a spring in your step. Fortunately, Spring 2013 shoe trends [...]

Design Your Own Shoes–Decorate Your Ballet Flats

Written by Kaycee Hale
April 15th, 2013

Ahh, the ubiquitous shoe trend of the decade. Footwear designs called ballet flats. The comfort of flats as a relief from our stilettos. Ballet flats come in every color, fabrication, and price point. From budget-friendly ballet flats to high-end fashion designer collections…, ballet flats are both chic and effortless. How many are too many pairs? [...]

Bargain Shoe Shopping for Flats

Written by Kaycee Hale
February 11th, 2013

Flat shoes are in almost every footwear collection this season. They’re practical, comfortable, and in many cases not as pricey as their stunning stiletto sisters. Yeah! Fashion-forward flats come in every conceivable color, pattern, and embellishment you can imagine. These shoe trends step forward in this $90 Steve Madden Kimmie ballet flat. What are those [...]