History of Shoes

History of Shoes

Written by Kaycee Hale
November 9th, 2011

Sitting down to keyboard my first shoe design blog post is a wee bit daunting.

It’s sort of like shopping at any high-end Rodeo Drive fashion boutique, trying on the most magnificent pair of shoes you’ve ever seen, handing over your credit card, signing your name, and never looking at the price. OMG…

You love the outcome, but the anxiety of doing it that very first time leaves you simply weak in the knees. Well—so be it! Since that particular Beverly Hills shopping spree isn’t on my current “Gotta Do” list—the next best thing is to be able to write about the awe-inspiring world of shoe design.

This shoe and footwear blog is going to be different from many of the ones you normally visit. Of course, it will have the regular topics–such as seasonal shoe trends and colors, catwalk shoes, athletic shoes, bargain shoe shopping, shoe designer interviews, shoe store reviews, etc.

But during the upcoming months, I plan to also include fashion tips, shoe museum exhibits, guest shoe bloggers, gifts for shoe fanatics, foot care tips, shoe design contests, shoe trivia, and even a healthy dose of random well-heeled thoughts. I’m even thinking of doing a Shoe Horoscope!

So let’s begin where anyone red-blooded, shoe sleuth researcher would start…The History of Shoe Design. Hope you enjoy the infographic.

History of Shoes

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Note to all of you future sole searching Shoe Gal Pals: If you have specific topics of interest that you would like to have me include in future shoe design postings, please email me at

Stay Tuned … for the shoe adventures and values of your life!

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