Gifts For the Shoe Lover

Shoe Gifts for the Footwear Lover

Written by Kaycee Hale
February 24th, 2014

 There’s always a birthday or a retirement or a congratulations gift that we have to buy. So there are never enough creative ideas for us to have in our back pack for whenever the ocassion arises. Here are some shoe gift ideas for the shoe lover in our lives this month.

Once you slip these on your feet, you may never wear anything else. Perfect footwear for lounging around the house or a late night trip to the fridge, these 100% cashmere ballet slippers are soft, warm, and give your feet comfort like nothing else. Choose ivory, brown, red, charcoal, or ashlet blue shoes. Imported in Sm, Med, Lge. $89.95 at Red Envelope.

Light a candle; everything will be  alright in your home interior and your soul. Shed some radiance on any situation with an aromatherapy solution that smells as great as it’ll make you feel. Hand-poured soy wax with a lead-free wick and the essence of Sweet Orange to help you maintain your normal serene calm. Choose the Domestic Goddess in High Heels. 7 oz. candle and 40 hour burn time. $19.95.

 Buy a sculpture. Have you heard about Sebastian Errazuriz? He’s the New York designer who created a series of sculptures that are meant to reflect a dozen women he’s been involved with. And how does he do it? He does it in the form of shoes. You’ve just got to love this footwear fantasy artform. 12 shoes for 12 Lovers.

Each shoe was fashioned to reflect on the artist’s personal and sexual relationships with his former girlfriends–each of whom became the muse for his series of shoe sculptures. It’s reported that as Errazuriz released one image of a new high heel design, he completed it with an accompanying photo of that particular ex-lover and sometimes a story of their relationship.

Above, Shoe number 8 is a hot glossy red high heel with an airplane for Jetsetter Jessica.

Here’s Gold Digger Alison. Gold Digger is about a money-hungry woman whose taste for trips and the finer things in life inspired Errazuriz to design this gilded pump held aloft by an Atlas-like figure.

Shopping for gifts for the shoe lover is almost as exciting as shopping for shoes for yourself. Note…, I said “almost“.


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