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Best Foot Care Products for Winter

Written by Kaycee Hale
February 5th, 2014

It’s winter. Well, duh! Our feet are taking even more of a battering than normal as we strutt around in our well-heeled, shoe design stilettos. Those heavy boot socks that look like menswear¬†gear are necessary, but they really dry out our tootsies. Thos oh-so-fashionable, all-weather boots cause our normal gait to be somewhat altered as we navigate bad weather conditions. That can cause corns, callouses, and other foot issues.

What should we do? Do we need to go to our local drug store retailer, and stand on that Dr. Scholl’s orthotics machine? Maybe. But what are our other options to creatively solve this issue?

How about simply spending a bit of indoors time performing some at-home beauty and maintenance remedies to get us ready for Spring 2014?

Get Fresh Feet Down’n Dirty Foot Scrub. This foot scrub has the powr of pumice behind it, and offers you even better results. Down’n Dirty is formulated with ground pumice stones and walnut shells all blended together in a moisturizing seaweed and aloe vera cream to soothe away dry, scaly feet. $14.95. A Discount Beauty

Linden Leaves Foot Soak. Here’s a relaxing way to end the day or pick yourself up before a night out. This foot soak contains fragrant, refreshing essential oils of sage and lemongrass to stimulate circulation. $20.50.

Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Booties. Immerse your feet in plush, cozy comfort. Infused with a 100% organic filling of therapeutic blend of herbal essences, these super-soft booties are as good for your soles as they are for your soul. $14.99. Bed Bath & Beyond.

Gourmet Gifts Spa Footcare Basket. This spa gift basket will bring relaxation and luxurious pampering to any setof feet. Included are a Pendegrass foot brush with pedicure file, toe separators, Upper Canada Soothing Foot Cream, Relaxing Foot Soak, and Revitalizing Foot Scrub. $49.99

Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa.  Two powerful hydro jets deliver a rejuvenating stream of water to increase circulation, relieve tight muscles, and relax tired feet. This foot spa heats and maintains the water temperature, thereby eliminating the need to add hot water. $99.99. Brookstone.

Ready, set, let’s relax with some footcare shopping before we go back out for more shoe shopping.

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