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Sneaker Styles: Wedges and High-Tops

Written by Kaycee Hale
October 1st, 2013

Athletic shoes. Sports shoes. Tennis shoes. Sneakers. Whatever footwear terminology you use when talking about these comfort creatures, your shoe shopping, shoe design choices are simply limitless. Two of this season’s sports shoe fashion favorites are the wedge sneaker and the high top sneaker.

Wedge sneakers aren’t always made for specific athletic purposes or participant sports, so don’t be afraid to pair them with other casual sportswear apparel items. Celebrities are not only doing that; they’ve, also, gotten into the footwear design game.

Take for instance Alicia Keys. She’s currently in the business of creating a whole lot more than music. She’s a designer of all sorts…which includes working for the Reebok sneaker brand. This season Keys is taking her favorite Reebok classic wedge sneaker to new heights as she re-introduces the iconic Freestyle silhouette and pairs it with a stylish hidden wedge heel to create the Freestyle Hi Wedge A. Keys.

Alicia’s twist on the Freestyle pays homage to its classic heritage while incorporating a fashion-forward element. Alicia has stayed true to the DNA of the Freestyle product–with characteristic double straps, 3 iconic collar puffs, and the Freestyle heel counters.

One of your other sneaker shoe style choices is to look like a celebrity in some of the hottest, trend-setting sneakers on the market. These high-tops are footwear accessories for the fashion-forward woman who craves the cutting edge.

Vince Camuto offers these chic and contemporary footwear designs. His other styles range from flirtatious and frilly to fabulously functional.

Live it up with his high-quality footwear designs that combine attitude, style, elegance, and a great price point. Grab this pair of stone or rose metallic, leather sneakers to effortlessly look like the fashionable footwear celeb that you are.

Ready, set, let’s go sneaker shopping.

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