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Shoefitr and Nordstrom–A Fashionable Footwear Fit

Written by Kaycee Hale
February 17th, 2014

Did perfect-footwear-fit realities just get a whole lot better in our comfort-seeking shoe design universe or what? You betcha!

Why? Because just recently, Shoefitr snagged the best shoe-planet partner imaginable. Nordstrom. I’m already really loving this budding footwear design and 3-D product relationship.

Some of you are probably scratching your foot and wondering who and/or what is this business enterprise called Shoefitr. What do they do? What’s in it for you regarding this new Shoefitr/Nordstrom partnership?

Let’s begin with who Shoefitr is and why you’re going to be singing their innovative and creative praises forever. Shoefitr is an Oakland, California start-up team of engineers, UI experts, designers, athletes, and fashionable shoe wearers who have created an online tool to improve how online shoe shoppers choose footwear styles.

They want to ease the pain of shoe shopping with an online application designed to help shoe-loving consumers compare the fit of styles across various brands. Reports indicate they have scanned more than 1,500 models and more than 10,000 individual shoes.  Terrific. So that means we can shop the site even more.

And look at what we have to look forward to this month on the Nordstrom site. SJP. The launch of the Sarah Jessica Parker collection finally.

Not only are fashion shoe sites like Nordstrom using the ShoeFitr tool, but it can be found on sites such as and Runner’s World.

Ready, set, let’s go shoe shopping online.


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