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Hot Heels in Cold Weather

Written by Kaycee Hale
January 29th, 2014

It’s winter. We’re cold. What on earth can we do to make this in climate fashion season more palatable? How about we buy some “hot heels“? Fist-pumping YES! So…, Tell Me A Story (Heel) by Seychelles. Have you heard the one about the fabulous gal who turns heads every time she wears these standout heels [...]

On The Road With A Fashion Shoe Truck

Written by Kaycee Hale
January 13th, 2014

Houston, we have a problem! The problem? Oh–how many pairs of fabulous footwear¬†can I buy today? I’m seriously now in shoe design heaven. Can life get any better than that? Divine footwear design. Sensational shoe styles with great customer service to match. Locations, locations, locations that are so convenient that this fashionable shopping trolley is [...]

The Perfect Pump for Winter

Written by Kaycee Hale
January 8th, 2014

When you’re lucky enough to live in Southern California as I am, your fashion-forward shoe wardrobe of open-toe wedges, gladiator sandal stilettos, and laser cut-out ballet slippers work well all year round. One of my BFFs, who happens to live in Buffalo, NY is not so fortunate. We chatted during the holidays, and she groaned [...]

Slippers for Winter Comfort

Written by Kaycee Hale
December 26th, 2013

Aren’t the holidays just too, too marvelous for any fashion words in your shopping lexicon? So much joy, bliss, and happiness, but only if you’ve used all of the holiday online and retail shopping tips everyone seems to offer us.¬†Hopefully you’ve not only read those tips to make your adventure stress-free, but you’ve used them. [...]

Party, Party, Party in Special Occasion Shoes

Written by Kaycee Hale
December 20th, 2013

Special occasion shoes, holiday hairstyles and make-up, plus party dresses. Yippee. ‘Tis the season to look the part of the perfectly fashionable, trendsetting princess or queen. The new shoe designs for looking your best are so numerous we might not have to sip the adult-beverage eggnog. We can just go shoe shopping. How best to [...]