Job Title Job Duties Median Salaries
Senior Footwear Designer
  • Participates in field research to identify customer’sexpectations
  • Manages the design direction and translates market input intoinnovative designs
  • Travels to enhance design trend/ knowledge
  • Contributes design solutions
  • Offers creative input for the design teams
  • Uses knowledge of costing and shoemaking to develop cost efficientproduct
  • Demonstrates knowledge of materials, pattern making, and thefitting of footwear
Footwear Designer
  • Responsible for the conceptualization of a footwear line
  • Develops a footwear line for a specific target market
  • Develops and creates illustrations and technical drawingsfor new design concepts
  • Uses knowledge of materials, patterns, and footwear construction
Assistant Footwear Designer
  • Works closely with design team in all aspects of shoe designand merchandising
  • Assists head designer/design team in the development of a new product
  • Responsible for technical sketches, specifications, preparationof line sheets, and materials research
  • Responsible for sample line and fit corrections
Footwear Buyer
  • Merchandise selection and product development, as it relatesto budgeted goals
  • Analysis of sales to identify trends, opportunities, challengesand develop product accordingly
  • Account for the merchandise flow and strategy as well as linebuilders to be aware of what they are working on and addressingretail needs
  • Effective communication with corporate sourcing and factoriesto meet pricing and scheduling needs
  • Proficiency in visual directives, floor plans, pairs on deskreport, markdowns, buy sheets and store communications
Assistant Footwear Buyer
  • Maintains, develops and updates departmental reportsas necessary
  • Analyzes product performance
  • Makes recommendations to buyer, including re-buys and markdowns
  • Writes and follows up on purchase orders
  • Works with merchandising team to ensure all orders are completedin a timely manner
  • General office duties
  • Strong organization and communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong analytical skills
Trend Analyst
  • Identifies the key fashion issues, giving direction to majorretailers nationally & internationally
  • Trend forecasting targeting specific markets
  • Interprets trends commercially
  • Provides photos showing latest trends, key items, and new materialdevelopments
  • Provides a selection of samples representing trends applicableto customer’s market
  • Supplies a retail report including new merchandising concepts,marketing styles, visual merchandising innovations, customerattitude shifts, and lifestyle changes
  • Consults with buying staff and visual merchandising teamsto research a classification or customer demographic
  • Develops and presents customized trend boards
  • Progressive color sense
  • Solid understanding of color forecasting / trending, colorpalettes, and materials
Account Coordinator
  • Direct contact with accounts to oversee the entering of orders
  • Responsible for breakdown of orders
  • Must track and be responsible for shipment of orders
  • Relays notes of order changes and order problems to salesrepresentative and accounts buyers
Account Manager
  • Manages key buying offices
  • In-store servicing national accounts and independent businesses
  • Builds long-term relationships with business contacts to ensureproduct presence is consistent and well represented
  • Effective interpersonal skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Ability and willingness to travel
Assistant Product Development Manager
  • Manages the development of product to ensure the goals of theproject are met
  • Writes/maintains spec sheets and maintains timelines
  • Offers advice and makes recommendations to solve problemsand enhance the manufacturability of products
  • Possesses a strong knowledge of the technical aspects of footwearmanufacturing and design
  • Presents technical and administrative status of projects inTeam meetings.
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills – written and oral
  • Project management skills to manage multiple projects at differentstages of development
Director of Marketing
  • Awareness of pricing in marketplace
  • Understanding of product· Preparation and Presentationskills
  • Manages development and execution of assigned product linestrategies, market research, and product life cycles
  • Writes a marketing plan including Objectives and Strategies
  • Identifies critical factors for success
  • Establishes distinct position within the market relative tothe competition
  • Utilizes project management skills including establishing and managingbudgets
  • Establishes project timelines and deadlines
  • Works with creative teams, understanding the creative process
  • Leadership
  • Strong business management skills
Footwear Technician
  • Supports the Development and Production teams to ensure productspec sheets and samples conform and meet quality standards andtechnical design requirements.
  • Technical knowledge in footwear fit construction
Footwear Line Builder
  • Involved with the product development and marketing aspectsof a Footwear company.
  • Keen eye for trends
  • Responsible for researching the market place for new trendsand new materials
  • Responsible for technical sketches, specifications, preparationof line sheets
  • Assists in the merchandising of a line
Product Support and Cost Analyst
  • Offers specific recommendations on material specification changesto achieve cost savings
  • Analyzes product-costing process
  • Negotiates final costs for finished shoes and components withvendors
  • Communicates and provides input to resolve commercializationand quality issues
  • Proactively understands and responds to customer needs
  • Responsible for project follow through, guidelines and requirementsare established by the team
Sales Representative
  • Develops new accounts
  • Builds new relationships with retailers in the specified territory
  • Provides sales support and service for existing retail accounts
  • Represents the product line at various footwear shows
  • Presents product line to retailers
  • Prospects for new accounts
  • Able to travel throughout designated territory
  • Possesses strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong business planning skills
  • Proficiency in Excel and Word
Senior Production Coordinator / Production Manager
  • Places contracts as needed
  • Ensures delivery of shoes on a timely basis to fulfill customers’ needs
  • Reviews and answers customer acceleration/advertising requests
  • Updates and distributes reports on a weekly, bi-weekly and monthlybasis
  • Possesses strong analytical, computer skills
  • Able to prioritize and multi task